nintendo casino

Gamers and gamers are, at first sight, worlds or even sociologies that do not mix, and yet it would seem that the magic has worked. Only Nintendo, which in the world of video games is already a master in the art of the counterpoint, could take the gamble (the pun was too tempting). So it’s with a title that leaves little room for doubt – The Four Kings and Casino Slots, that the creators of Super Mario make their entry into the casino world, with a game available on Switch. But the Nintendo Switch eShop just keeps getting richer and richer with casino-oriented games. Finally, with one of those details that make all the difference, you don’t play for real money… So what do this unlikely meeting of casino and video games look like?

Nintendo’s entry into the casino world

The range of games available at The Four Kings and casino Slots, which is Nintendo’s first attempt, is pretty much the same as at most online casinos. You’ll find the entire classic casino games, including poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps.

The game is presented in the form of an MMO (online multiplayer mode) with particular attention paid to the graphics, especially those of your avatar, which you can customise almost infinitely. The emphasis is also on user-friendliness and exchanges with other players. The development of the interface was carried out by the Canadian supplier Digital Leisure, which is no novice in this field, since it was responsible for Paradise Springs Casino on Playstation.

New competing casino games from Nintendo

As for the newcomers to the new range of casino games on Switch, the main competitor to The Four Kings and Casino comes from developer D3 Publisher.

Unlike The Four Kings and Casino, this game is more streamlined and focused on the games themselves rather than the social interactions. Here again, you will find almost all the essential casino games (slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker, etc).

Finally, other developers have taken the approach of offering games specialising in a single type of casino game rather than being a generalist simulation. This is notably the case of the Blackjack simulation (Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition) or even (Slots of Poker at Aces Casino) which, as its name indicates, is a poker simulation, which also exists entirely dedicated to roulette (Roulette at Aces Casino).

The main strength of these simulations compared to more general games is the emphasis on realism and the level of detail. In other words, the ability to play from home in a real virtual casino, and may not be the end of it; the best is probably yet to come with augmented reality (VR) headsets.

So even gamers who don’t enjoy video games may well be pleasantly surprised by the shift in consoles that is taking place.  Stay tuned!