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We have come a long way since the first video games about war. In the 1980s, we had our first experience with “Space Wars”, and in 1992, with “Wolfenstein 3D”. The whole point of the gameplay is to practice, like the future soldiers, through battle scenes, in simulation. With “Medal of Honor: Allied Assault” in 2002, a turn was taken in realism… and therefore success. It was at this point that video games dethroned the cinema, as the FPS game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” won three times as much money as James Cameron’s film “Avatar”.

Money being the sinews of war, there is everything to gain by combining slot machines and War Games!

All victories are in the slot machine!

Whether you are a historian like Alain Decaux, an Arthurian like Alexandre Astier from the series Kaamelott or simply passionate about the Second World War, there is always a slot video that attracts you more than another!

After having scoured the gaming tables, the rogues traditionally indulge in RPG games such as “Pascal’s Wager” or the “Game of Thrones” slot with free spins in the name of the 4 houses including the famous “House Stark” vying for the throne. Unless they become the heroes of a Netflix series like “Stranger Things” where the “Dungeons & Dragons” games are life-size…

To recharge their batteries, the fine strategists used to chess games find their happiness with poker and online chess whose absolute ancestor in antiquity was the Indian Chaturanga in the 7th century BC. But the icing on the cake for lovers of great history is of course the “Napoleon Boney Parts” slot, which takes you back to the Emperor’s glory days with a mini bonus game that’s not to be missed!

Onwards to victory! With these war slots, we play from the comfort of our own armchair, but what counts here is that we have made a mess of things for nothing. And why not be rewarded with hard cash like the most valiant knights at the end of a bloody campaign?

The Art of War in slot game form!

The Chinese general Sun Tzu would have loved to play online, and no doubt his military theories would have been enhanced. Mao Zedong himself transformed the maps of the territory into a giant Go game to triumph over his nationalist opponents. This is how to influence one’s destiny and that of one’s kingdom through the game!

Great warriors have recounted their feats of arms, such as Julius Caesar, who can be found intact in the “Rome Caesar’s glory” slot, a good way to put into practice what you learned in his famous book “The Gallic War”! If you like special army tactics such as the “turtle formation” of shields supervised by centurions, you will be served like an emperor with the 64 active pay lines of this fearsome slot.

Many US Navy soldiers trained on “Ghost Recon” style games before going to war: there’s nothing like a war game to learn to excel!

Anti-terrorist slots that resonate with current events: the ultimate illusion of reality?

In line with Rodolphe Moindreau’s “military-industrial complex of entertainment and war video games”, a study was carried out in 2014 on 212 gamers showing that more than 58.49% of them were not fooled, thus minimising the devastating impact that is often attributed to war games.

The fact that the stakes are playful defuses the alleged collusion between reality and the game in favour of the Army. Even if in the thrilling world of gaming, a game like “River Combat” or “War Thunder” is surfing on the wave of the juicy market of simulation games, the “Tactical Force” slot echoes the contemporary world and its political crises linked to the attacks.

In the chicken and egg of online gaming and war, the circle is completed with the birth of the computer following the deciphering of the Enigma machine during the Second World War. When it comes to victory, shadow warriors, spies and beautiful messengers are also bombs! That’s why in the War games, you can have a blast with explosions! As for the literary aspect, it’s not a good idea to play legendary games with imaginary battles worthy of Tolkien and the Hobbits, as virtual casino games have the secret. Let’s not forget that as all roads lead to Rome, online slots with a War theme also prepare for the battle of life in the real world!