Jet X

All slot games are designed to thrill, but this retro gem, JetX bet game is particularly addictive. Rarely will you come across a game as addictive as this, as it involves watching a plane rise into the air and anticipating the crash. Bet and the countdown are on! Smartsoft Gaming’s flagship game is a hit at the best online casinos. Not only does JetX bring us a breath of fresh air, but it also brings in cash with its 97% RTP. Its motto could be “Slow and steady” but in fact, Smartsoft Gaming has chosen “Win at the speed of light” ….

A pixelated plane that can go high!

As you hold your breath, your stake increases as you go along, i.e. the win multipliers follow the rise of the famous jet. When you feel the right moment, and that’s what it’s all about, you have to withdraw and parachute in to avoid losing your bet. It is possible to recover your bet x1 to x180 at least. That’s why this game is well worth the diversions in terms of real money to be pocketed!

Its very simple gameplay will appeal to fans of old-fashioned games such as Commodore or NES. And generations Y and Z will be able to play it in multiplayer mode. On the right side of the screen, the winning multipliers are displayed: useful to see if the x100 has recently fallen! And on the left, you can see the bets of other players, from the most kamikaze to the timidest. This allows you to have fun without feeling the repetitive nature of the games. In any case, there is no time to get bored with this best casino for JetX, because you can make 2 bets at the same time!

With JetX, anything is possible: from crashing just after take-off to climbing to infinity and beyond!

Concentrate and think, that’s also the trick to winning with this arcade game. As if glued to his virtual dashboard, the online player can really control everything with a decisive click at the moment. No scams are possible: JetX is a plane and an algorithm that cannot be hijacked by a hack or even set up by a casino game provider. The only thing that can be controlled is the auto-mode for the bet amount and the auto-cash out to hold your winnings: security for distracted players and a suspenseful slider for the others. This way, there’s no risk of missing a throw when the x100’s good deal intuition is there! Because once the nose of the plane is in the air, you can’t decide anymore, and you have to wait for the next turn!

The bigger you play, the more you can collect, that’s the progressive jackpot system. But small streams also make big rivers, and at JetX you can bet between 0.10 and C$600 before each take-off. Intuition is also a must with this new kind of game. Be careful to eject yourself from the plane to avoid the explosion of the bet and the dreams that go up in smoke!

Between tradition and modernity: JetX revolutionizes slot machines

Another way to cushion the shock of losing a jackpot is the good old martingale trick. It is highly recommended with this new casino game from Smartsoft Gaming, even though this principle was invented in the 18th century. Martingale system is a proven technique for getting unlucky players out of uncomfortable situations. It is said to be the only technique that saves the day in the face of well-tested casino games and it doesn’t cost anything to believe in it!

The only thing you have to do after each loss is to play again, but this time doubling the bet. After several bets, normally, according to the statistics, one must, at some point, recover the lost winnings, rather simple, no?

It’s worth taking the risk of waiting a few extra seconds to reap the maximum winnings in the long run. And the scenery is not so bad; the design of this successful game is soft and minimalist: nothing tiring for the eyes, a sky marshal wouldn’t demand better!

With JetX, you just want to see the plane climb higher and higher! The trick is to stay on course without missing the key moment. So, maybe it’s time to play or replay the game to reach new heights?